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Towards efficient and sustainable forest management!

The Skovest Network consists of several different companies that aim to create sustainable solutions and cover the entire forestry value chain while creating additional value through CO₂ offsets.

Eesti Metsameister is the leading forestry company in Estonia, covering the full value chain of forestry – from land purchase & management, to software solutions, and more. 

Eesti Metsameister

Privatais Mežs is a leading partner for Latvian forest owners.

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Eesti Metsameistri Taimekasvatus OÜ is a nursery in Suure-Rakke village focused on high-quality spruce, pine and birch.

Eesti Metsameister

Carbon Offset is a carbon platform for forest owners, offering innovative tools & solutions.

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Eesti Metsameistri Metsahaldus OÜ is Estonia’s #1 forestry services provider.

Eesti Metsameister

Forest Foundation is a sustainable forest platform in the Baltic region focused on delivering long term value through sustainable land management using proprietary in-house methodologies.

Forest Foundation skovest network
Skovest Network

Our vision is to become a sustainable forest management company that can cover the entire forest management value chain while creating additional value through CO₂ offsets.


Skovest will benchmark and set the industry standard in both sustainability and green forest management practices.


Skovest’s service offerings cover the entirety of the forestry lifecycle and value chain 

Skovest’s service offerings cover the entirety of the forestry lifecycle and value chain 

Estonia, and Latvia are some of the top countries in the world in terms of Forests coverage (as a % of land), with over 50% of forests being managed for commercial or private purposes. Historically, the return is stable and predictable based on biological growth. The Baltic states have faced high demand for wood products locally and globally.

Skovest’s services are aimed at covering the whole value chain,
from the purchase of forest land (or farm land), to the management of CO₂ offsets. The company has developed the best software solutions in the forestry market for evaluating forest and agricultural land, thus is able to provide a superior offering to their clients.

Eesti Metsameister
Skovest Network



A new standard for sustainable forest management

Forests are home to thousands of species and climate change is threatening the forest biodiversity that is vital for our planets ecosystems. Sustainable forest management safeguards our forests and means that forests and lands are maintained in a way that sustains their biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity and vitality!


We believe sustainable forest management is key in the fight against climate change and we are committed to ensuring the health, growth and sustainable management of forests in the Baltic States.

Skovest manages forests according to an innovative and sustainable forest management methodology (developed by us and our experts), which aims to ensure maximum carbon sequestration in the forests. The methodology is based on the current Forest Act, with further improvements and refinements. The Forest Management Methodology as written taking into account the whole forest cycle. It focuses on sustainable practices, reforestation, timely forest management, and the best use of assortments.


The methodology takes into account the end-use of the assortment after timely and

assuming long-term carbon sequestration in the final product. 
The Skovest forest management methodology has clear actions and rules on how to manage the forest. The methodology also includes explanations, facts and references to various research studies and sources on how one or another activity can increase carbon sequestration in the forest.

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Skovest Network values sustainable solutions and innovations. We cooperate with top universities and other organizations to bring the best solutions to forestry.

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Forest Lake


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